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13-P-019 Establish New Organization Dues Deduction Codes for Teamsters Local Union #696 (JJA)

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DATE: March 7, 2013

Establish New Organization Dues Deduction Codes for Teamsters Local Union #696 (JJA)

EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period Ending March 16, 2013

Nancy Ruoff


(785) 296-2853





Nancy Ruoff

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Establish New Organization Dues Deduction Codes for JJA


Per notice by the Teamsters Local Union #696, seven new deduction codes will be added for membership dues deductions for employees at the Juvenile Justice Authority located in Topeka, Atchison, and Beloit. These bi-weekly deductions of organization dues, effective March 3, 2013, are based on new hourly pay rate ranges as follows:

Hourly Pay Rate Range

Bi-Weekly Deduction


Deduction Code for

Local #696

$17.56 to $17.99
$18.00 to $18.44
$18.45 to $18.88
$18.89 to $19.33
$19.34 to $19.77
$19.78 to $20.21
$20.22 to $20.66



Agencies should refer to Informational Circular No. 08-P-024 and 09-P-035 for information regarding the initial pay rate ranges, deduction codes and bi-weekly deduction amounts for Teamsters Local Union #696.

These deduction codes will be established effective with the payroll period beginning March 3, 2013 and ending March 16, 2013, paid March 29, 2013.  As a reminder, the service fee will remain $0.06 per biweekly payroll period. Agencies must enter organization dues as two separate deduction codes into employee general deduction data in SHARP. Therefore, the amounts listed above include the deduction amount (ORG613-619 deduction codes) and the $0.06 service fee (ORF613-619 deduction codes) added together.


In order to accommodate a change in an hourly pay rate range and corresponding deduction code, agencies must enter a deduction end date on both the existing ORGXXX and ORFXXX general deduction rows to stop an organizational dues deduction and fee in addition to adding the two new deduction codes for the new organizational dues deduction and fee.

Also, as a reminder, this organization is only available for membership to employees who work in specific positions at the Juvenile Justice Authority facilities in Topeka, Atchison, and Beloit. 

The Office of Systems Management, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for making these updates in the SHARP system.  Regent’s institutions should ensure that the use of the listed deduction codes is reflected in their individual systems effective March 3, 2013.



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