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12-P-028 Parking Fee Increase - Curtis Building Garage – FY2013 (Supersedes 11-p-029)

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DATE: June 1, 2012
SUBJECT: Parking Fee Increase - Curtis Building Garage – FY2013
EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period Beginning June 10, 2012 and Ending June 23, 2012, Paid July 6, 2012

Cindy Lo

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Nancy Ruoff

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Parking Fee Increase - Curtis Building Garage – FY2013


Pursuant to Kansas Administrative Regulation 1-45-22(b)(2), parking fees for the Curtis Building Garage will increase by 2% effective with the start of fiscal year 2013.  To facilitate this change, the following payroll deduction codes and associated administrative fee code will increase effective with the payroll period beginning June 10, 2012 and ending June 23, 2012, paid July 6, 2012:

                            Deduction Code           New bi-weekly rate for pped 6/23/12 

                            PKT08B                                                      25.82

                            PPKT08                                                      25.82

                            PKAD05 (admin fee)                               1.98 ($25.82 * .0765)

Employees with Attorney General who park in the Curtis Building Garage under parking deduction codes PKT10B and PPKT10 will see their bi-weekly deduction and associated administrative fee increase as follows:

                            Deduction Code           New bi-weekly rate for pped 6/23/12 

                            PKT10B                                                      12.91

                            PPKT10                                                      12.91

                            PKAD07 (admin fee)                               0.99 ($12.91 * .0765)

The parking rates for Secretary of State employees are listed in Group 3 below and do not change:     

                            Deduction Code           Bi-weekly rate for pped 6/23/12 

                            PKT09B                                                      9.23

                            PPKT09                                                      9.23

                            PKAD06 (admin fee)                               0.71 ($9.23 * .0765)

The Office of General Services, Payroll Systems Team will make the necessary updates to the SHARP payroll system to effect this change for all employees for whom SHARP calculates pay.  Regents’ institutions are responsible for ensuring that this change is made in their individual systems.  


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