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12-P-002 Learning Quest changes

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DATE:July 25, 2011
SUBJECT:Learning Quest changes

Nancy Haufler


(785) 296-5368





Learning Quest payroll deduction changes

State employees can now start or change a Learning Quest payroll deduction online at www.learningquest.com.  Employees can either log in to their account and select payroll deduction from the list on the left or print the Payroll Direct Deposit form from the Learning Quest Forms page at https://www.learningquest.com/content/forms.html

and send it to Learning Quest.  Once the request is processed on-line, the employee will receive a confirmation page with instructions to complete the form (see example of confirmation page attachment) and then they should bring it to their HR/Payroll office so that it can be entered in SHARP as a Learning Quest deduction.  If the employee mails in their request, they will receive the confirmation page with instructions back in the mail.

If the employee forgets to check the box on their application/change request identifying themselves as a state employee, the instructions they get back from Learning Quest will include a routing number and account number that other employers use for ACH instructions.  If an employee brings in ACH instructions, please disregard it and use the information on the confirmation page to enter/update the Learning Quest deduction in SHARP as needed.

The Learning Quest Payroll Deduction form that previously resided on the A&R website should no longer be used to request Learning Quest changes.

Employees with a current Learning Quest payroll deduction are only affected by this change if they choose to make a change to their current deduction.

Questions regarding the Learning Quest Program can be directed to Scott Gates, Learning Quest Director at 785-296-5317.



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