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1102 Applicable Travel Law

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

The following Kansas Statutes Annotated (K.S.A.) and Kansas Administration Regulations (K.A.R.) are applicable to reimbursement of travel expenses:

K.S.A. 8-301 Publicly Owned Motor Vehicles

K.S.A. 75-3072 Authorized Uses of Agency Imprest Funds

K.S.A. 75-3201 et seq. Compensation and Allowances of Public Officers and Employees

K.S.A. 75-4601 et seq. State Vehicles

K.A.R. 1-16-1 et seq. Travel Reimbursement

K.A.R. 1-17-1 et seq. Use of State-Owned or Operated Motor Vehicles on Official State Business

K.A.R. 1-18-1a Maximum Allowance for Use of a Privately Owned Conveyance for Public Purposes
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