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GROUP SIX (6) SCOPE - Imaging and Document Management Services

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Kansas Agencies have used imaging systems since the mid-1980’s. Some of the installed systems are extremely large and complex, with extensive integration coupling them with other systems. Some of the systems are relatively straightforward, small, and simple. All of the existing implementations are considered mission critical to the agencies where they reside.

The following firms and platforms are used in State agencies:

  • EMC’s Documentum, Captiva, & SourceOne
  • Filenet Products
  • Kofax Products
  • Perceptive Software’s ImageNow, WebNow, & Retention Policy Manager
  • HyLand Software’s OnBase
  • Oracle (formerly stellent, formerly accorde)
  • IBM Content Manager
  • Knowledgelake
  • ImageNow

Work in this group will most likely be split between two types of work.

  • Some of it will be highly detailed, skilled development and implementation work as agencies modify, grow and interface their existing systems usually within complex situations & often involving the replacement of ancillary systems. To be successful here, firms should almost certainly be professionally recognized by the manufacturer for their expertise, and usually “certificated”. They should also have a long history of working directly in the imaging, document management, business workflow, and content management areas.
  • Some of it will be in consulting with agencies who are just entering the content, document, and image management systems area. These agencies will need professional consulting assistance to help them make optimal decisions in choosing platforms, weighing alternatives, evaluating possibilities, making business cases, and orchestrating efforts in this area. To be successful here, firms should have a successful history with outstanding references from well-served customers who can articulate how the firm truly helped them in managing systems in this area.
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