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09-P-002 Addition of Earnings Codes for Kansas Mentors Program

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DATE: August 20 , 2008

Addition of Earnings Codes for Kansas Mentors Program

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 24, 2008

Earl Brynds

(785) 296-5375



Addition of Earnings Codes ‘KMP’ and ‘KME’

Executive Order 08-10 establishes the Kansas Mentors Program which provides a way for interested State of Kansas employees to volunteer their time as a mentor to help Kansas children.
All full-time, classified and unclassified employees in the Executive Branch are eligible to spend up to 90 minutes of regularly scheduled work time per pay period for the purpose of working with any program which is part of the Kansas Mentors Gold Star program.

To administer the Kansas Mentors Program, two new earnings codes will be established in the SHARP system effective August 24, 2008. The following earnings codes are eligible to be used starting with the pay period beginning August 24, 2008 through September 6, 2008 paid September 19, 2008.

Earnings Code Description Short Description Effective Date
Kansas Mentor Program
Kansas Mentor Program – Exempt

KMP should be used for Hourly employees and counts toward FLSA/Overtime. KME should be used for salaried employees. Both earnings codes count toward leave accrual (hours in pay status for leave accrual purposes).

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team, is responsible for adding these new earnings codes in the SHARP system. Regents’ institutions are responsible for implementing the new earnings codes in their payroll systems.


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