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07-a-004 - Safe at Home Program and STARS Vendor File (December 26, 2006)

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DATE: December 26, 2006
SUBJECT: Safe at Home Program and STARS Vendor File
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 1, 2007
A & R CONTACT: Nickie Roberts (785) 296-7917 (nickie.roberts@da.state.ks.us)
Tim Hund (785) 368-6347 (tim.hund@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: signature - Bob Mackey
SUMMARY: This circular describes the Safe at Home Program administered by the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office and describes how this might impact the STARS vendor file.

During the 2006 session, the Kansas Legislature created an address confidentiality program called "Safe at Home" to be administered through the Secretary of State's office. This program creates a substitute address for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, stalking and trafficking, as well as a mail forwarding system at no cost to the victims. The law allows program participants to use the substitute address provided by the SOS on all public records in lieu of the residential address required by other Kansas laws.

If you have an employee or other vendor who is enrolled in this program, they should provide you with a participant card.  You will need to make a copy of this card (front and back).  If the STARS Vendor Record requires a change, send this card copy along with a TM-21 to the Division of Accounts and Reports.  If this is a new vendor, keep this card copy with your records documenting the STARS Vendor File record addition.

Please find below a link to the Session law with the language that will be codified into statute. Also, attached are the proposed temporary rules and regulations that have not yet been enacted, the proposed permanent rules and regulations that will hopefully be adopted in the spring, a brochure with general information about the program, and a sample participant card.


Address Confidentiality Temp Regs (.doc)
Address Confidentiality Perm Regs (.doc)
Safe at Home Brochure (.pdf)
Sample Participant Card (.pdf)
Session law: http://www.kslegislature.org/sessionlaws/2006/chap213.pdf

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