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04-P-015 SHARP Version 8.0 - Payroll Hints and Updates

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: November 5, 2003
SUBJECT: SHARP Version 8.0 - Payroll Hints and Updates
CONTACT: Joyce Dickerson (785) 296-3979 joyce.dickerson@da.state.ks.us
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Payroll Hints and Updates

To assist users in processing payroll transactions in the upgraded SHARP system and to inform users of new developments, the following list of payroll pointers has been compiled. If questions arise, users are encouraged to contact the Payroll Processing Team prior to the on cycle paysheet create process and/or off cycle processing. Many problems can be alleviated with data clean-up or proper instructions.

Please provide a copy of this summary to all SHARP payroll users in your agency.

Additional Pay

  1. New entry and most updates to existing Additional Pay data must be entered prior to the paysheet create process for the Additional Pay to be included in the paycheck. On cycle paysheets are typically created on the Tuesday night following the end of the payroll period. See the SHARP Bi-weekly Payroll Schedule for Calendar Year 2004 attachment to Informational Circular 04-P-011 and note the dates in the 'Cutoff Online Users' column of the document. The Payroll Processing Team can fix some problems after paysheet create, such as the 'Ok to Pay' field not being turned on or the effective dates being incorrect. If a problem is found, please contact the Payroll Processing Team as soon as possible for assistance.
  2. The 'Prorate Additional Pay' checkbox toward the bottom of the Additional Pay 1 page should always be checked 'on'. This is especially important for mid-period hires and transfers.

Direct Deposit

  1. As part of the SHARP version 8 conversion process, a priority '999' row was added to existing direct deposit records. When updating direct deposit records, please review the '999' row in addition to the other rows to determine necessary updates and/or deletions.
  2. If net pay is to be split according to two percentages, the first row should contain the higher percentage and the second row should indicate the Deposit Type of 'Balance'. This prevents creation of a paycheck for $.01 due to rounding.
  3. As a reminder, per Informational Circular 04-P-004, when entering direct deposit information into SHARP using the path Compensate Employees/Maintain Payroll Data/Use/Direct Deposit, agency personnel are required to turn the 'Prenotification Required' checkbox 'off'. This change allows employees to receive the benefit of direct deposit immediately rather than receiving a check while waiting for the prenote process to complete.
  4. For a new enrollment or a change to an employee's direct deposit, if the information is entered in SHARP before the final payroll cutoff and the effective date is less than the check date for that payroll cycle, then the new direct deposit information will be used for that paycheck being issued.


  1. On the Department Budget Table-Department Budget Date page, the Fiscal Year field should always be keyed in the four-digit year format, i.e., 2004.
  2. If a new effective dated row is added to the Account Code table, a new row with the same effective date should also be added to the Department Budget Table, otherwise the 'old' funding will be reflected in payroll expenditures.

Job Data Updates Affecting Payroll

  1. In most cases the Workers Compensation (WCI%%%) and State Leave (STLEAV) deduction codes are automatically populated in nightly batch processing on the employee general deduction data page for hires, rehires, etc. In some instances where effective dating has been changed or correction mode was used, this is not occurring. It is good practice to verify all general deductions for employees after hires, rehires, transfers, etc. and make necessary updates.
  2. In the case of rehires and agency transfers, verification should extend to employee level benefits data, additional pay, direct deposit and tax data.

Paycheck Data

  1. When searching for paycheck data, always enter 'SOK' in the Company field. This will ensure that all paychecks will be retrieved.
  2. When the Search Results for paychecks are displayed, the first 100 paychecks will be listed. If more than 100 paychecks are available for viewing for the employee, select either the 'View All' link on the left side of the page above the paycheck listing or use the 'First' and 'Last' indicators on the right side of the page to display all paychecks.

Earnings Code Usage

  1. As a reminder, per Informational Circular 04-P-006, the 'PRA-Pay Rate Adjustment' earnings code was created to reflect pay changes due to late step increases and other adjustments to rate of pay.
  2. The use of earnings code 'CNT-Contractual Pay' should be limited to contractual payments to employees.
  3. The earnings code 'BUS-Taxable Employee Business Expense' should be used for board member per diem pay.

Holiday Schedules

  1. Per agency request, holiday schedule 'SO06-State of Kansas Holiday 6 Hours' has been created to accommodate employees that work 6 hours per day.
  2. Holiday schedules also exist for employees that work 4, 8, 10 and 12 hours per day, as well as specific schedules for the Judicial Branch and the State Printer employees.
  3. The holiday schedule dictates when and how many 'HDC-Holiday Credit-Paid-1.0' hours are defaulted on the employee timesheet. Employees are enrolled in a holiday schedule on the Job Data-Payroll page.

Duplicate W-2s

  1. The preferred method for requesting a W-2 reissue (or duplicate) for the year 2002 and going forward would be for the employee to request the W-2 reissue using SHARP Employee Self Service. All reissued W-2s for 2002 (and going forward) are mailed directly to the employee using the address printed on the W-2 form. Within the Self Service Request W-2 Reissue option, the employee has the opportunity to update the address if it has changed since the original form was created.
  2. The least preferred method is for the agency to submit a request to the Division of Accounts and Report Payroll Processing Team. This method must be used if the employee has been terminated for longer than 30 days (since the employee will no longer have access to the Employee Self Service). In the request, the agency should include the year for the form being requested, employee's name, employee ID, SSN, and the current mailing address. Since all reissued W-2s for 2002 (and going forward) are mailed directly to the employee, the Payroll Processing Team will change the address on the W-2 form if necessary.
  3. For all W-2 reissue requests for the year 2001 and prior, the agency must submit the request to the Division of Accounts and Reports Payroll Processing Team. Please include the year for the form being requested, name, employee ID, and SSN. All resulting reissued W-2s will be mailed to the agency unless special distribution instructions are given.


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