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03-P-048 New Earnings Codes

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: June 12, 2003
SUBJECT: New Earnings Codes
EFFECTIVE DATE: June 8, 2003
CONTACT: Carla Johnston
Kathy Ogle
(785) 296-2588
(785) 296-2290
SUMMARY: New Earnings Codes

Executive Order 03-340 establishes a new premium pay of $.75 per hour effective June 8, 2003. This premium is only available for use by the Kansas Highway Patrol (Agency 280).

The following earnings code will be added to SHARP for this premium:

Earnings Code Description
S11 Shift 11-KHP-$.75

Upon conversion to v8.0 effective June 8, 2003, functionality for entering some shift pay will change. Functionality for rate shift codes (i.e., SF1, SF5, SF6, SF7, SF9, S10, S11, SK1, SK2, ST1, and ST2) that have an amount associated with them will remain unchanged in v.8.0. These earnings codes should continue to be entered directly on the timesheet.

Factor shift code entry will be changing in v.8.0. The current factor shift codes (i.e., SF3, PD1, PD2, and PD3) that have a percentage associated with them will be inactivated and two new earnings codes will be added for each current code. This change will take advantage of delivered functionality and will allow elimination of some system modifications and table maintenance.

The following earnings codes will be added to effective June 8, 2003 to accommodate this shift pay change:

Earnings Code Description Replaces Earnings Code
(These 'hours' codes should be entered on the employee's timesheet at the time of other time and leave entry.)
P1H Pay Diff Hours-Corrections-10% PD1
P2H Pay Diff Hours-JJA-Lead Wrkr-5% PD2
P3H Pay Diff Hours-JJA-Spec Unit-5% PD3
S3H Shift 3 Hours-10% SF3
(These 'pay' codes will be added ONE TIME to the Additional Pay page. As part of the conversion process for v8.0, these pay codes will be automatically added to the Additional Pay page for all employees who have received factor-based shift pay thus far in calendar year 2003. Agencies will be responsible for the necessary one time Additional Pay setup after the initial conversion.)
P1P Pay Diff Pay-Corrections-10% PD1
P2P Pay Diff Pay-JJA-Lead Wrkr-5% PD2
P3P Pay Diff Pay-JJA-Spec Unit-5% PD3
S3P Shift 3 Pay-10% SF3
Four earnings codes will be inactivated effective June 8, 2003 due to this shift pay change:
PD1 Pay Diff-Corrections-10%
PD2 Pay Diff-JJA-Lead Worker-5%
PD3 Pay Diff-JJA-Specialty Unit-5%
SF3 Shift 3

Both the 'hours' and the 'pay' shift earnings codes will update the paycheck. The 'hours' earnings codes will contain an amount equal to the shift hours entered on the timesheet times the employee's hourly rate of pay. This amount will not add to gross pay. The 'pay' earnings codes will reflect the amount that adds to gross pay (which is the 'hours' amount times the factor associated with that shift).

Earnings codes that are inactive cannot be entered on timesheets for pay periods ending after June 7, 2003. Paychecks that contain an inactive code cannot be adjusted through the reversal/adjustment process, as payroll error messages will result. In these situations, the adjustment request should be submitted to Accounts & Reports, Payroll Services on a Form DA-180, Paycheck Reversal/Supplemental/Adjustment. As a reminder, paychecks converted from v.7.02 can not be adjusted through the reversal/adjustment process in v.8.0. Therefore, all adjustments for converted paychecks should be submitted to Accounts and Reports.

Earnings code descriptions have also been revised to be more descriptive and easier to use effective with the upgrade to v.8.0. An updated earnings code listing will be available on the website located at: http://www.da.ks.gov/sharp/documents/default.htm beginning the week of June 16, 2003.

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team, is responsible for updating these earnings codes in the system. Regents' Institutions are responsible for ensuring these code changes are updated in their individual systems.


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