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03-P-014 2002 W-2 Form Changes

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: October 3, 2002
SUBJECT: 2002 W-2 Form Changes
CONTACT: Sunni Zentner (785) 296-7058 sunni.zentner@da.state.ks.us
SUMMARY: 2002 W-2 Form Changes To Conform With Software

The Division of Accounts and Reports wants to make all agencies aware of upcoming changes for the 2002 W-2 forms. As part of our effort to reduce programming costs for updating and maintaining custom programs, the decision was made to use the standard W-2 form that conforms to our human resource/payroll software. This W-2 form will look substantially different from the custom form used in the past. The form is one page, has four parts, and will be pressure sealed. The four parts to the W-2 form will provide the employee with four copies of the W-2: one copy to be used for federal taxes, one copy for the employee to keep, and two copies that can be used for state or local taxes. A sample copy of the 2002 W-2 is attached.

One change that should be noted is the address that will be used for mailing the W-2 forms. If an employee has a mailing address on the SHARP panel Personal Data 1, the mailing address will be used for mailing the W-2. If the employee has no mailing address, then the home address will be used for mailing the W-2. In the past, home address was always used for the W-2 form. Since the majority of employees do not have a mailing address and the home address will continue to be used when the mailing address is blank, this change does not affect a large number of employees. On October 18, 2002, we will send agencies a listing of their employees who have a mailing address. Each agency will be asked to verify the information with their employee records and make any necessary changes by December 20, 2002. Not all agencies have employees with mailing addresses; therefore, some agencies will not receive a listing.

Earnings Summary 
The W-2 form used in the past provided the employee with an earnings summary that showed calculations for the federal, state, social security, and Medicare grosses. The earnings summary is not available using the standard functionality provided by our software. The on-line payroll report KPAY318 is available to agency personnel/payroll staff and may assist you with answering employee requests for more detail regarding their W-2 amounts. This report is available through SHARP using the path Go / Compensate Employees / Maintain Payroll Data U.S. / Report / Year To Date Balances. Employee ID and year are required to run this report. There will be an informational circular released at the time of the mailing of the 2002 W-2 forms that will provide your agency with an explanation of calculations to assist you with employee inquiries.

Agency questions regarding these changes can be directed to Sunni Zentner.

Attachment: Image of new W2 form 

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