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01-P-025 Parking Compensation Reduction Program (SHARP Agencies Only) (Supplements Informational Circular 01-P-015)

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DATE: December 14, 2000
SUBJECT: Parking Compensation Reduction Program (SHARP Agencies Only)
EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period Beginning December 10, 2000 and Ending December 23, 2000, Paid January 5, 2001
CONTACT: Myrene Bears (785) 296-5368 (myrene.bears@da.state.ks.us)
SUMMARY: Parking Compensation Payroll Deduction (Includes New Employer Codes, Lots Administered by 'Other Agencies' and After Tax Deductions)

As outlined in Informational Circular 01-P-015, the State of Kansas Parking Compensation Reduction Program has been expanded to include parking lots administered by other SHARP agencies. The additional employee and employer deduction codes for after tax and pre-tax options are shown below.

SHARP Agencies - Lots Administered by 'Other Agencies'

  • The general deduction codes shown below will be added to SHARP to implement after tax and pre-tax parking for the employees enrolled in lots that have been officially approved and will be administered by the following agencies:

    After Tax
    Deduction Code
    Deduction Code
    Amount Agency/Lot Designation
    APKA01 PPKA01 $ 4.62 Aging, Dept on / 412 Jackson
    APKA02 PPKA02 11.54 Aging, Dept on / 512 Jackson
    APKA03 PPKA03 4.62 Animal Health Dept / 7th & Jackson

Payroll Services will be requesting fund information from each of the above agencies so the monies can be distributed biweekly on the date of each on cycle. The agency is then responsible for any further distributions.

SHARP Agencies - Administrative Fees for all SHARP Agencies

  • The following employer deduction codes will be used in SHARP for DFM and 'other agency' administered lots with the intent to assign all employees with a parking deduction of the same amount (regardless of lot), to one administrative fee for pre-tax parking deductions. Note: these deduction codes replace the ones originally sent in Informational Circular 01-P-015.

    Deduction Code


    PKAD01 $0.35 ($4.62 X .0765)
    PKAD02 0.74 ($9.70 X .0765)
    PKAD03 0.39 ($5.08 X .0765)
    PKAD04 0.88 ($11.54 X .0765)
  • Future Maintenance - The Division of Facilities Management will be responsible for adding and updating the employee and employer deduction codes for pre-tax parking for new enrollments, changes, and deletions.
  • The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for making the necessary updates to the SHARP payroll system.

Questions about business process design may be directed to Nancy Ruoff, Payroll Services at (785) 296-5369 or nancy.ruoff@da.state.ks.us.

Questions about remittance or accounting information may be directed to Myrene Bears, Payroll Services at (785) 296-5368 or myrene.bears@da.state.ks.us.

Other questions about the Parking Compensation Reduction Program may be directed to Ken Bartel, Facilities Management at (785) 296-1318 or ken.bartel@da.state.ks.us.


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