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01-P-007 Addition of New Holiday Credit Earning Codes HOB, HOC, HON and HOO

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: August 31, 2000
SUBJECT: Addition of New Holiday Credit Earning Codes HOB, HOC, HON and HOO
EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period beginning September 3, 2000
CONTACT: Roger Basinger (785) 296-5387 (roger.basinger@da.state.ks.us)
SUMMARY: Addition of New Holiday Credit Earnings Codes

Kansas Administrative Regulation 1-5-24 was amended to allow an official state holiday to be counted as time worked for employees in non-exempt positions when all three of the following conditions are met.
  1. The employee is asked to report to work in order to respond to a building, highway or public safety emergency, as determined by the appointing authority.
  2. This work is performed outside the employee's normal work schedule for the workweek or work period that includes the official state holiday.
  3. The appointing authority authorizes inclusion of that official state holiday in calculating the time worked by the employee. 

The appointing authority shall also notify the Director of Personnel Services, in writing, of both the nature of the emergency, and the name and position number of each employee for whom the state holiday will be counted as time worked.

To facilitate the change to K.A.R. 1-5-24, the following four holiday credit earnings codes have been added to SHARP:

HOB Holiday Comp Credit-Bank-FLSA, does not add to gross pay
HOC Holiday Comp Credit 1.0-FLSA, does not add to gross pay
HON Holiday Credit-Not Sched-FLSA, adds to gross pay Holiday Pay
HOO Holiday Credit 1.0-FLSA, adds to gross pay Holiday Pay

All these codes count towards FLSA hours worked and become effective with the payroll period beginning September 3, 2000 and ending September 16, 2000, paid September 29, 2000. For specific information on the correct usage of the new codes, please consult the SHARP Customer Service website ( http://www.da.ks.gov/sharp/), or the SHARP Message Panel (Message 406, dated August 30, 2000), or either Kraig Knowlton (785) 296-1082 or Brent Smith (785) 296-1432 with the Division of Personnel Services.

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for adding the new holiday credit earnings codes to the SHARP payroll system. Regent's institutions are responsible for ensuring the holiday credit earnings codes are available on their individual systems for paychecks issued on or after September 29, 2000.


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