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GROUP FIVE (5) SCOPE - Project Management

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Group 5:  The State of Kansas occasionally needs project management services.  Training in project management is covered under a separate contract and is not addressed here.

To learn more about Project Management in the state see:  https://oits.ks.gov/kito/kito-home, and especially the sections that describe the “EPMO – Enterprise Project Management Office” and “IT Project Management”.

Examples of work that could be performed within this Group (& the desired capabilities) include:

  • Project Startup / Configuration Consulting—assist an agency in preparations for a project, providing strategy, advice, experience-based information and assistance. Prepare or help prepare project plans as these are defined in the Kansas Project Management Methodology (PMM) and ITEC policies.
  • Project Status / Health check / Snapshot Review—at the request of an agency, quickly review a project by interviewing staff involved, reviewing project reports, reviewing meeting minutes, reviewing deliverables, etc. Form a defensible conclusion about the general status of a project and its participants and communicate that to the agency and/or CITO in a concise briefing or brief written report. Generally, engagements in this area would be of only a few days duration, and largely performed in one on-site visit.
  • Project Audit—an intense, thorough, formal, comprehensive review of a project with a professional-level work product produced. The work product should be reviewed and approved by a certificated professional actively practicing in the field, like a CISA or PMP. The work product will almost always include a briefing and a detailed report. Depending on the size of the project involved, engagements in this area could last several weeks, and involve both on and off-site work.
  • Project consulting—following a project status or audit effort, provide knowledgeable and actionable ongoing advice to a project for improvement or alteration. Depending on the size of the project involved, engagements in this area could be very brief or could last for the life of a project and could involve only one or multiple sessions of either on or off-site work.
  • Project management augmentation staffing—provide knowledgeable, qualified, experienced staff to assist the project director. Staff provided may range from a deputy project director to a clerical-level person skilled in Microsoft Project use. Engagements would usually be of longer duration and provided on-site.
  • Project Management—the contractor will be contractually obligated and responsible for management of a project as defined in a contract. This area may be viewed similarly to the staffing augmentation area except the project management contractor bears more responsibility. Though the state has the ultimate responsibility for the success of any project, in this area the state would be heavily relying on the expertise of the contractor.
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