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00-P-003 KPAY329 - No GHI Coverage Because No Paycheck Exists Report - SHARP Agencies Only

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DATE: August 25, 1999
SUBJECT: KPAY329 - No GHI Coverage Because No Paycheck Exists Report - SHARP Agencies Only
EFFECTIVE DATE: August 26, 1999
CONTACT: Elaine Harris, Payroll Services (785) 296-7458 (Elaine.Harris@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: approved by Shirley Moses
SUMMARY: No GHI Coverage Because No Paycheck Exists Report will be available to agencies beginning August 26, 1999

Beginning August 26, 1999 and every two weeks thereafter, on-line SHARP agencies can expect to see a KPAY329 No GHI Coverage Because No Paycheck Exists Report in their agency mailbox on the MVS and SHARP paper user agencies will be sent a hard copy of the report. The KPAY329 report lists employees with no Group Health Insurance (GHI) deductions because the employee did not receive a paycheck in the on cycle or three off cycles of the pay period. The report available on August 26, 1999 will be for pay period ending July 24, 1999 for pay dates as shown on the attached schedule. The data elements contained on the report include: agency, pay period end date, employee ID, SSN, name, action, plan type, benefit plan, coverage begin date, pay end date, change code, coverage elect date, and last pay period end date. On-line agencies please remember the report will be available in your mailbox for 30 days from the date last accessed, after that time the report will be overwritten.

Agencies should review the names listed on the report and determine if 1) the employee owes for GHI or 2) the health insurance coverage information in SHARP requires correction to reflect that the employee did not have health insurance coverage for the period. The following are suggested panels in SHARP that can be accessed to review the data on the report:

  • To verify that a paycheck was not issued: 

    Go, Compensate Employees, Maintain Payroll Data U.S., Inquire, Paycheck Data
  • To verify that the job data information accurately reflects the employee's current status:

    Go, Administer Workforce, Administer Workforce U.S., Job Data
  • To determine if the employee was eligible for coverage during that period and which coverages were elected:

    Go, Compensate Employees, Administer Base Benefits, Health Benefits

    If the employee should not have had health insurance coverage for the period and the employee's benefit enrollment information in SHARP needs correction or for questions regarding employee eligibility, please contact Lisa Carlton, Division of Personnel Services, Benefits Unit at (785) 296-2069.
  • To determine if the employee's time and leave entry was "OK to Process" for that period:

    Go, Administer Workforce, Time and Leave, Employee

If the employee owes for GHI, a personal reimbursement or adjustment to collect the GHI deductions and employer contributions "not taken" should be sent on a DA-180 SHARP Paycheck Reversal Adjustment form to Payroll Services for processing. Questions concerning the processing of adjustments or personal reimbursements should be directed to Joyce Dickerson, Payroll Services at (785) 296-3979. If a personal reimbursement or other adjustment is not received by two weeks after the report date, the employee will be included in a list provided by Payroll Services to the Division of Personnel Services, Benefits Unit.

Questions concerning this Informational Circular should be directed to Elaine Harris, Payroll Services at (785) 296-7458.


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