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About our Directors

Pat Doran

Chief Counsel 

The Office of Chief Counsel manages the legal affairs of the agency and serves as the chief legal advisor in a wide variety of areas of law. The office reviews KORA (Kansas Open Records Act) requests and statewide contracts. Additionally the office is responsible for labor relations in the state and provides counsel on personnel issues. The Office of Chief Counsel also advises the Health Care Commission.

Frank Burnam

Director of Facilities and Property Management

The Office of Facilities and Property Management centrally administers state-owned and leased facilities and protects the state’s interest in all state facilities planning, design and construction activities. The office provides Engineering services, Maintenance, Building services (housekeeping), Design and Construction services, Asset Management, and Leasing Services. The office also provides printing and central mail services, administers parking and manages the State Surplus Property Program.

Todd Herman

Director of Procurement and Contracts

The Office of Procurement and Contracts is responsible for promoting the use and development of processes which serve the best interests of the State of Kansas and its citizens, along with finding and implementing increased economies and efficiencies in the procurement process. This is done through working with Executive branch state agencies to obtain goods and services through bidding and management of state contracts. Procurement and Contracts is responsible for maintaining the highest level of integrity in the procurement process, while seeking broad based competition in order to obtain the greatest value and highest quality of goods and services for the agencies of the State of Kansas. 

Tamara Emery

Director of Financial Management

The Office of Financial Management (OFM) provides accounting services to other state agencies though the Service Center, the development and management of the Department of Administration budget, Setoff Collections and Department of Administration Fiscal Services. OFM provides accounting and reporting services for the Kansas Public Water Supply Loan and the Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Funds.

Sherita Clifton

Director of Printing and Mailing and Surplus Property

The Office of Printing provides large volume printing and mailing services for offices of the State of Kansas. 

The Surplus Property division manages excess state and federal property for re-use and distribution to qualifying state agencies and in some situations, to members of the general public. There are 4 main programs offered within Surplus Property: State Surplus, Federal Surplus, LESO /1033, and Fixed Price Vehicle Sales (FPVS).

Kraig Knowlton

Director of Personnel Services 

The Office of Personnel Services administers the Kansas Civil Service Act and other related statutes to provide a comprehensive Human Resource (HR) program for the state. In 2011, Executive Order 11-04 directed that all non-Regents HR staff in agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction report to the Director of Personnel Services, and also that the Office of Personnel Services is to establish and implement consistent HR policies, procedures and practices for the State workforce.

Samir Arif

Director of Public Affairs

The Director of Public Affairs serves as the agency’s legislative liaison and facilitates internal and external communications within the agency. The director communicates with media and constituents concerning the affairs of the agency, and assists legislators to make laws that pertain to the agency.

Nancy Ruoff

Director of Accounts and Reports

The Director of Accounts and Reports' primary responsibility is the State of Kansas statewide central accounting and reporting. Specific activities include coordination with the independent auditors to complete the annual statewide audit, preparation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), preparation of the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA), and administration of the Delegated Audit Program of review and approval of expenditure transactions in excess of the agency delegated audit thresholds and the audit of agency accounting activities for compliance with statutes, regulations, policies, and generally accepted accounting principles. The Office also is responsible for providing guidance to Kansas municipalities on budgeting, accounting and reporting issues and statutory requirements and for receiving and reviewing municipal budgets and audits. Additionally, the Chief Financial Officer is charged with implementation of a program for Internal Control and Systems Audit.

Jennifer Flory

Director of State Employee Health Benefits Program

The State Employee Health Benefits Program (SEHBP) is a division of the Kansas Department of Administration. Within this division are two separate sections to serve state employees: the State Employee Health Plan (SEHP) and the State Self Insurance Fund (SSIF), also known as worker's compensation.

Kami Cusick

Director of Strategic Initiatives

The Director of Strategic Initiatives kicks off key projects for the Office of the Secretary, such as relaunching the statewide internship program, kicking off the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative and leading Kansas WISE – Women In State Employment. The director works cross-functionally within the Department of Administration as well as with representatives from other agencies to implement significant initiatives. 

Josh White

Chief Information Officer 

The Office of Systems Management (OSM) provides technical development, security, architecture, administration, and help desk support for the Department of Administration critical statewide systems. The OSM also provides system administration, help desk support, and IT project management for Department of Administration's enterprise applications.

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