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Job Title: Corrections Officer II      (to directly link to this job posting, copy this link)   
Req. No:191704
Agency:Ellsworth Correctional Fclty
Posting Type:External
Applications accepted through:Jun 30, 2019
Job Description:


This is full performance corrections work enforcing designated laws, rules, and regulations in a corrections facility and providing functional supervision to lower level Corrections Officers.  Incumbent in this class is responsible for controlling inmates in living, work, or recreational areas on a specific post in a corrections institution and providing functional supervision to lower level Corrections Officers assigned to the post.  Incumbent may serve as member of a Unit Team providing input into the rehabilitation of members within the unit.  Incumbent in this class is a certified Corrections Officer and exercises delegated statutory powers.

Minimum Requirements:  Must meet all minimum qualifications and necessary special requirements for Corrections Officer IA.  In addition, a minimum of one year of relevant experience in the field of corrections or in the detention of convicted offenders; and have successfully completed the Corrections Officer Training Program (COTP).  At the discretion of the agency, relevant college coursework or completion of corrections officer training in another jurisdiction may be substituted for some or all of the required COTP.

Preferred Skills:  Ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of subordinate personnel.  Knowledge of procedures and practices of supervising offenders confined in an adult maximum correctional facility; and ability to use physical force as warranted to subdue violent inmates.

Performance Standards:  Strong problem solving skills; good oral and written communication skills; effective conflict management skills; ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships and effective customer service skills; ability to adapt to new situations and/or changes.  The incumbent must be capable of performing established Essential Physical Functions.  An initial 6-month probationary period is required for promoted employees.

  • A Tax Clearance Certificate is required for all applicants.  Obtain your certificate by following the instructions at
  • Include your name and job requisition number on all correspondence when submitting documents to the designated recruiter.

Your application will be considered incomplete and you may be found ineligible if you fail to submit all required documentation by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

Required Documents:

  • Online State of Kansas Application form (send to Ellsworth Correctional Facility)
  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Kansas Tax Clearance Certificate

KANSAS TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE REQUIRED:  Each applicant applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a valid Kansas Certificate of Tax Clearance by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue's website at  A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual's account is compliant with all primary Kansas Tax Laws.  A Tax Clearance expires every 90 days.  Applicants are responsible for submitting a valid certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency.  This is in accordance with Executive Order 2004-03.  If you need assistance with the tax clearance, please contact 785-472-6295.

Recruiter Contact Information:
Name: Wendy Stroede
Phone: 785-472-6295
FAX: 785-472.6370

Agency Information:
Ellsworth Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 107, 1607 State Street
Ellsworth, KS 67439-0107

How You Will Be Evaluated:  Once you complete and submit your application materials, your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum and any necessary special requirements.  Next, your application will be evaluated and rated based on preferred competencies and criteria for the position.

What To Expect Next:  After your application is evaluated and ranked, you may be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview.  You will be notified of the outcome after the selection process is complete.  You may call or E-mail the recruiter contact listed to inquire about your application.  Multiple vacancies may be filled from this announcement.

Veterans Preference Eligible (VPE):  Former military personnel or their sp

View Job Class Spec Class/Uncl: C    Full/Part Time: F    Grade 021    Hiring Rate: $17.39    Pay Frequency: Hourly   

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