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Job Title: Assistant Shift Supervisor/Lieutenant      (to directly link to this job posting, copy this link)   
Req. No:191276
Agency:Winfield Correctional Facility
Posting Type:Agency
Applications accepted through:Nov 19, 2018
Job Description:

Job Description: 

This is managerial work overseeing subordinate supervisory staff in a minimum security correctional facility.    Work involves ensuring safety and security of staff, offenders, and the public.  Duties are diversified and include working effectively and efficiently to accomplish tasks involving all aspects of offenders’ incarceration.


A full position description and essential functions can be obtained by contacting the recruiter for this position.




Minimum Requirements:

-Currently working as an employee for the Kansas Department of Corrections;

-Must meet all minimum qualifications and necessary special requirements for COIA;

-Must be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment;

-Have minimum of three (3) years of relevant experience in the field of corrections or the detention of convicted offenders including at least one (1) year of supervisory experience;

-And have successfully completed the Corrections Officer Training Program (COTP).

-At the discretion of the agency, relevant college coursework or completion of CO Training in another jurisdiction may be substituted for some or all of the required COTP and for some or all of the required non-supervisory experience.


Preferred Skills/Qualifications: (May be used to screen applicants)

-Four (4) years of relevant experience in the field of corrections or in the detention of convicted offenders; including at least two (2) years of supervisory experience, preferably as a CS I with the KDOC.


Ability to deal effectively with individuals under restraint.  Knowledge of procedures and practices of supervising offenders confined to an adult medium/minimum correctional facility.  Ability to stand for long periods, respond quickly to emergencies, and use force to subdue violent offenders.  Ability to counsel staff and solve problems.  Ability to make command decisions based on information available which may not be complete


Performance Standards: 

Strong problem solving skills; good oral and written communication skills; effective conflict management skills; ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships and effective customer service skills; ability to adapt to new situations and/or changes.  The incumbent must be capable of performing established Essential Physical Functions.  Capacity to remain alert over long periods of time.  Capacity to remain calm during stressful situations.  Capacity to physically restrain offenders.  Good physical condition, including the capacity to respond to emergencies quickly, to climb stairs, and to use physical force to subdue violent and resisting offenders.


To be successful, the expectation is that a candidate will be able to competently perform the routine tasks of the position with limited supervision by the end of the six-month probationary period.




The application process has 3 REQUIRED STEPS.


  1. Complete the official State of Kansas application form at


  1. Submit your online application to the specific agency designated on this job announcement.


  1. Submit additional required documents, including tax clearance certificate, by 4:00 p.m. on the date that posting closes to the specific recruiter designated on this job announcement.



  1. Online State of Kansas Application form
  2. Kansas Tax Clearance Certificate


Include your name and job requisition number on all correspondence when submitting documents to the designated recruiter.


Your application will be considered incomplete and you may be found ineligible if you fail to submit all required documentation, including transcripts and Kansas Tax Clearance Certificate, by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.


KANSAS TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE REQUIRED: Each applicant applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a valid Kansas Certificate of Tax Clearance by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue's website at

A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual's account is compliant with all primary Kansas Tax Laws. A Tax Clearance expires every 90 days. Applicants are responsible for submitting a valid certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency.  This is in accordance with Executive Order 2004-03. If you need assistance with the tax clearance, please contact 785-296-3199.


Recruiter Contact Information:

Name:   Julie St. Peter                      

Phone:  620-221-6660 Ext. 56020                

FAX:     620-221-9229                                   



Agency Information:  

Winfield Correctional Facility

1806 Pinecrest Circle

Winfield, KS 67156


How You Will Be Evaluated:

Once you complete and submit your application materials, your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum and any necessary special requirements.  Next, your application will be evaluated and rated based on preferred competencies and criteria for the position.  


What To Expect Next:

After your application is evaluated and ranked, you may be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview.  You will be notified of the outcome after the selection process is complete.  You may call or email the recruiter contact listed to inquire about your application.


Veterans Preference Eligible (VPE):

Former military personnel or their spouse that have been verified as a veteran under K.S.A. 73-201 will receive an interview if they meet the minimum qualifications and competency factors of the position. The veterans preference laws do not guarantee the veteran a job.  Positions are filled with the best qualified candidate as determine by the hiring manager.  Additional VPE information can be found at

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to contact the agency recruiter if reasonable accommodations are needed for any part of the application or hiring process.


Winfield Correctional Facility is an Equal Opportunity Employer

View Job Class Spec Class/Uncl: C    Full/Part Time: F    Grade 026    Hiring Rate: $22.16    Pay Frequency: Hourly   

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