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Job Title: Legal Assistant      (to directly link to this job posting, copy this link)   
Req. No:190043
Agency:Lansing Correctional Facility
Posting Type:External
Applications accepted through:Sep 24, 2018
Job Description:


Job Description: Reviews petitions, investigative reports, depositions, interviews, documents and files of a variety of civil and administrative cases to become familiar with the issues and identify pertinent material. Researches and summarizes factual aspects of cases. Assists in preparation for trial by compiling, organizing and indexing various evidentiary exhibits. Prepares drafts and final versions of a variety of legal documents such as pleadings, memoranda of law, trial briefs, appellate briefs, summons, petitions, answers, motions and stipulations. Maintains scheduling calendar for the Facility Legal Counsel. Provides legal assistance to the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Corrections’ Legal Department by researching various documents for the use of attorneys in preparing their legal opinions and actions. Prepares documents suitable for filing in Federal cases including creating, organizing, scanning and filing documents relating to Federal Martinez Reports. Participates in interviews of potential witnesses, summarizes their prospective testimony, and suggests questions for examination. Maintains law library, all legal files and other references as necessary that are used by the Facility Legal Counsel.

Salary: $36,171.20 - $48,484.80

A full position description and required Essential/Event Driven Physical Functions for this classification can be obtained by contacting the recruiter listed below.

Minimum Requirements: Completion of a legal assistant training program, at least 60 semseter hours. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Necessary Special Qualifications: Certification as a legal assistant and must be able to perform the essential physical functions of the position.

Preferred Skills: Knowledge of legal research principles, concepts and methods; ability to draft or write legal briefs and documents. Ability to interpret, explain and apply laws, regulations, and procedures. Ability to evaluate pertinent facts and evidence. Skill in applying fact-finding, analytical and problem solving methods.

Minimum Competencies: Applicant will be able to interact with co-workers, inmates and outside personnel to establish and maintain effective working relationships. Applicant selected will have the ability to read and comprehend laws, rules, regulations and policy.

How To Apply:

Step 1: Register by completing the online Personal Data Form at (skip this step if you already have an Applicant ID number)

Step 2: Complete the State of Kansas Application form (use this link - and submit to the Lansing Correctional Facility.

Step 3: E-mail any additional required documents Lauren Morris, e-mail:

KANSAS Each applicant applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a valid Kansas Certificate of Tax Clearance by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website at . A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual’s account is complaint with all primary Kansas Tax Laws. A Tax Clearance expires every 90 days.  All applicants, including current state employees, are responsible for submitting a valid certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency. This is in accordance with Executive Order 2004-03. If you need assistance with the tax clearance, please contact 785-296-3199.

Recruiter Contact:

Name: Lauren Morris

Phone: 913-727-3235, Ext. 57022


Fax:     913-250-2762

How You Will Be Evaluated: Your application will be considered incomplete and you may be found ineligible if you fail to submit all required documentation. Your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum and any necessary special requirements. Next, your application will be evaluated and rated based on preferred selection crit

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Class/Uncl: U    Full/Part Time: F    Grade 001    Hiring Rate: $0.00    Pay Frequency: Hourly   

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