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Job Title: Facilities Maintenance Super      (to directly link to this job posting, copy this link)   
Req. No:185539
Agency:Kansas Juvenile Correct. Cmplx
Posting Type:External
Applications accepted through: 
Job Description:


Accomplishes installation, renovation, maintenance, repair, and construction of the physical plant at Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex.   This includes concrete and wood structures and systems that deliver electricity, water, heat, and tempered air.  Performs and oversees concrete and masonry work, including construction of carpentry forms and estimating concrete yardage.  All tasks may be performed with the assistance of offenders.  Prepares materials and time cost estimates for routine tasks and special projects.  Prepares either verbally or in writing, progress reports of routine tasks through work orders, preventative maintenance schedule, and predetermined time line on special projects.  Will assist in the completion of welding repairs and metal fabrication projects at the facility.

Communicates with Physical Plant Supervisor on a regular basis to discuss progress and performance and explore alternative solutions to problems.

Provides adequate training to ensure that offenders are able to perform the required tasks. Follows up to insure quality workmanship and identify deficiencies as well as strengths, in order to develop the skills of the trade.

Assures compliance with Life Safety and Occupational Safety and sanitation procedures by regularly inspecting area of responsibility and enforcing such rules. Ensures maintenance and control of tools and equipment in area of responsibility as directed by IMPP and General Orders.

Assist with numerous other maintenance task associated w/ the standard practices in the building trades; plumbing; carpentry; electrical; masonry; painting; welding; sheet metal; refrigeration and air conditioning, and mechanical trades. Knowledge of the practices, tools, equipment, and materials associated with a variety of crafts involved in renovation/remodeling projects.

May be assigned a Juvenile crew to supervise and train in maintenance trade and tasks.

Necessary Special Requirements:

  • Candidates must have reached their 21st birthday at the time of appointment;
  • You will be subject to a background/suitability investigation/determination;
  • Be free of felony conviction;
  • Take and pass a drug test approved by the Office of Personnel Services prior to being appointed to this position unless the incumbent is moving from one safety-sensitive position to another safety-sensitive position within the same agency performing substantially similar duties;
  • Possess a valid Kansas driver’s license.

Minimum Requirements:

Five years of experience in the mechanical or building trades. Education may be substituted for experience as determined relevant by the agency.

Preferred Skills and/or Qualifications:

Incumbent must possess good overall physical and mental condition consistent with the unassisted ability to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, all statutorily defined activities, duties, and tasks of Maintenance and Trades/Skilled Crafts.

Knowledge of architectural standard practices and ability to read blueprints and do material estimates, as well as having multiple skills in several construction specialties.

Knowledge of the principles, methods, and practices used in constructing, operating, maintaining, and repairing physical plant and mechanical equipment, such as that used in commercial building structures and related properties, of the occupational hazards and safety precautions appropriate for maintenance or repair projects.  Ability to plan, train, supervise, direct and evaluate activates of others; to maintain records, develop budget and prepare reports of operations.  To be skilled in the use of the various tools used for constructing, maintaining or repairing physical plant or mechanical systems.

To be successful, the expectation is that a candidate will be able to competently perform the routine tasks of the position with limited supervision by the end of the probation period.

HOW TO APPLY: The application process has 4 REQUIRED STEPS.

STEP 1: Register by completing the online Personal Data Form: (Skip this step if you already have an Applicant ID number.)

STEP 2: Complete the official State of Kansas application form at

STEP 3: Submit your online application to the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex.

STEP 4: Submit additional required documents to Tracy Gamino at the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex.

Include your name and job requisition number on all correspondence when submitting documents to Tracy.  Your application will be considered incomplete and you may be found ineligible if you fail to submit all required documentation by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

Required Documents: Online State of Kansas Application form Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex Cover letter, resume, academic transcripts, Kansas Tax Clearance Certificate.  The Child Abuse Registry Form does not require the processing fee; do not send any payment with the form. The entire applicant paperwork packet is to be turned in to Tracy Gamino.

KANSAS TAX CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE REQUIRED: Each applicant applying for a State of Kansas job vacancy must obtain a valid Kansas Certificate of Tax Clearance by accessing the Kansas Department of Revenue's website at A Tax Clearance is a comprehensive tax account review to determine and ensure that an individual's account is compliant with all primary Kansas Tax Laws. A Tax Clearance expires every 90 days.  Applicants are responsible for submitting a valid certificate with all other application materials to the hiring agency.  This is in accordance with Executive Order 2004-03. If you need assistance with the tax clearance, please contact 785-296-3199.

Recruiter Contact Information:
Name: Tracy Gamino
Phone: 785-354-9811
Fax: 785-354-9877

Agency Information:
Kansas Juvenile Corrections Complex
1430 NW 25th St.
Topeka, KS 66618

How You Will Be Evaluated:
Once you complete and submit your application materials, your application will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum and any necessary special requirements. Next, your application will be evaluated and rated based on preferred competencies and criteria for the position.

What To Expect Next:
After your application is evaluated and ranked, you may be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interview.  You will be notified of the outcome after the selection process is complete.  You may call or email the recruiter contact listed to inquire about your application.

The Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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Class/Uncl: U    Full/Part Time: F    Grade 001    Hiring Rate: $0.00    Pay Frequency: Hourly   

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