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Accounting Forms

DA-130 - Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Vendor Payment Form

To obtain a copy of the 'DA-130 - Authorization for Electronic Deposit of Vendor Payment', please have your agency submit a Service Desk Request, to request a copy of the form.  For security purposes, this form is not posted to this website.
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
AM-001 - InterUnit TransferXLSX18.55 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
AR-70 - Request for Check ImageXLS43.00 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
AR-95 - Validation of Cancelled Checks for Submission to Unclaimed Property Check Issue Date January 1, 1996 Through June 30, 2008DOCX27.83 KB26 Feb, 2014 Download
AR-97 - Claim Against An Agency of the State of Kansas for Services Rendered or Purchases made in a Prior Fiscal Year for which payment has not been receivedPDF19.25 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA- 6 Form - Lost Check StatementXLSX15.60 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-6A - Lost Check Statement - Address ID ChangeXLSX15.27 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-6B - Lost Check Statement - Return Check to AgencyXLSX15.62 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-6C - Lost Check Statement - Return Check to Agency and Address ID ChangeXLSX15.37 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-7ACH - ACH Cancellation RequestDOC28.00 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-7CH - SMART Check Cancellation RequestDOC26.00 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-7GE - GIRO-EFT Cancellation RequestDOC26.50 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-7TE - Travel and Expenses Cancellation RequestDOC26.50 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-22 - Agreement for Reimbursement of Moving ExpensesDOC24.50 KB01 Apr, 2014 Download
DA- 27 - Notice of Unavailability of the Executive AircraftPDF10.75 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA- 29 - Request to Pay Expenses of Out-of-State Applicants - 03-14DOC26.50 KB27 Mar, 2014 Download
DA- 32 - Annual Report - Accounts and Other ReceivablesXLSX13.60 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA- 34 - Subsistence Extension RequestPDF13.41 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA- 37 - Request for Reduced Subsistence AllowancePDF13.98 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-74 - Change Fund Maintenance - Application to Establish Change FundXLS67.00 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-74A - Check Cashing Change Fund Maintenance - Application to Establish Check Cashing Change FundXLS49.00 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-78 - Petty Cash Fund LogXLS79.50 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-82 - Capital Asset Supplemental Information - Certification of Fixed Asset InspectionPDF19.81 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-85 - Affidavit of Payees Failure to Provide Taxpayer Identification NumberPDF13.24 KB11 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-88 - Statement of Forgery AffidavitDOC28.00 KB11 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-89 - Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)XLS835.00 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-115 - Agency Authorized OfficialsXLS40.00 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-121 - Travel Expense DetailXLS63.00 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-152 - Checkbook Record - Imprest FundXLSX20.10 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-153 - Monthly Imprest Fund ReconciliationXLSX21.16 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-154 - Imprest Fund MaintenanceXLSX24.35 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-160 - Application for Key Deposit FundPDF12.74 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-171 - Housing, Food Service and Other Employee Maintenance PolicyPDF37.91 KB11 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-161 - Monthly Reconciliation of Financial Institution AccountPDF14.34 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-162 - Reconciliation of Key Deposit FundPDF22.12 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
DA-164 - Application for Employee Use FundPDF15.70 KB03 Jan, 2014 Download
GL-F003 - Chartfield Change Request - Department IDXLSX17.48 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
GL-F009 - Chartfield Change Request - ProgramXLSX16.28 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
GL-F016 - GL Encumbrance Request FormXLSX15.91 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
GL-FTBD - Fund Budget Unit Change Request FormXLSX15.83 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
TM-21 - SMART Vendor Maintenance FormXLSX17.32 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download
W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (KS)PDF89.89 KB10 Dec, 2013 Download

Payroll Forms

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
DA-6P - Paycheck Stop Payment RequestXLSX23.98 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-171 - Housing, Food Service and Other Employee Maintenace PolicyPDF37.91 KB13 Dec, 2013 Download
DA-179 - Sharp Maximum Arrears Payback (Internal Agency Use Only)XLS41.00 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-180 - Sharp Paycheck Reversal/Adjustment/SupplementalXLS88.00 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-182 - Sharp Paycheck Reprint Request (Internal Agency Use Only)XLS26.00 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-6P – Paycheck Stop Payment RequestPDF35.46 KB03 Feb, 2014 Download
DA-184 - Authorization For Direct Deposit of Employee Pay and/or Employee TravelXLS119.50 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-191 - Employee Organization Application for Payroll Deduction of Membership DuesXLS59.00 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-192 - Membership Dues Deduction AgreementXLS51.50 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-193 - Authorization for Payroll Deduction Employee Organization Membership DuesXLS55.00 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-194 - Notice of Bi-weekly Dues Certified by Employee OrganizationXLS38.50 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
DA-219 - A - Combination Code Maintenance, B - Position Pool ID Maintenance, C - Department Budget Earnings/Deductions/TaxesXLS77.00 KB26 Nov, 2013 Download
K-4 - Kansas Employee's Withholdings Allowance CertificationPDF72.86 KB13 Dec, 2013 Download
W-4 - Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate provided by the IRSPDF111.21 KB13 Dec, 2013 Download

Office of Chief Counsel

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
AR-98 - Personal Injury or Property Damage or Loss Claim Against the State of KansasPDF44.96 KB28 Jan, 2014 Download
Kansas Open Records ActPDF116.06 KB08 Jan, 2014 Download