Public Auctions

Federal Surplus Property does not conduct live auctions. We do list property for sale to the public at the General Services Administration's website on a regular basis. For all auctions currently being held by GSA please go to

State Surplus Property conducts internet auctions on a periodic basis. All sales are conducted by Purple Wave Auctions. Please find current auctions conducted by Purple Wave Auctions at


We are pleased to announce that our customers will now have a chance to bid on a few lots of State Surplus Property.  We have listed 5 lots of property on the purple wave auction website for people to bid on.  The lots are on there now, with pictures of the property, and they will have until the auction closes on September 13th to bid on this property.  If you have any questions at all about any of the lots, please call our POC Tim Hutley for further information.  Happy Bidding!!!

Point of Contact: Tim Hutley
Phone: 785-296-8992

Purple Wave Website: