Bid Solicitations


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It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded all of the documents related to the bid and any Amendment(s) if applicable.

Please keep in mind that all bids must be received prior to the closing date and time indicated in the Bid Event.  Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late bid submissions.

  • If a vendor is interested in bidding on an event, you must be officially invited.  Notify the event’s contact person at least 24 HOURS BEFORE the official finish date and time to request the official invitation.
  • A vendor must be a registered bidder to become invited.  If a vendor fails to register in a timely fashion your bid may be rejected in its entirety.

Please click here to begin the registration process.  This is a one-time, free process.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide current contact information to the Office of Procurement and Contracts to ensure your company receives bid event notifications.

Additional files related to bid solicitations (not applicable unless referenced in bid event)

Closing DateBid NumberDescriptionAgency
11/24/2014 EVT0003426 Lawn Crypts Com On Veterans Affairs Office
11/25/2014 EVT0003427 Signs, Unique Highway & Traffic  
11/25/2014 EVT0003419 Native Grass Frobs and Cover KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
11/25/2014 EVT0003410 Statewide Construction Services - On Call  
11/25/2014 EVT0003414 Armored Tactical Truck Kansas Bureau of Investigation
11/26/2014 EVT0003400 Auditing Services Kansas Dept of Agriculture
11/26/2014 EVT0003421 Tree Cutting - South Central KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
11/26/2014 EVT0003418 DNA Reagents and Consumables Kansas Bureau of Investigation
12/2/2014 EVT0003435 Asset Management System - Bar Code Scanner Com On Veterans Affairs Office
12/2/2014 EVT0003443 Galvanized Walkway Gratings, Milford Fish HatcheryKS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/2/2014 EVT0003432 Patient Transporting Service Osawatomie State Hospital
12/3/2014 EVT0003445 HVAC Controls - E Cellhouse, Lansing CF Lansing Correctional Facility
12/3/2014 EVT0003457 Refuse Collection Services KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/3/2014 EVT0003442 Seamless Epoxy Coatings, El Dorado Correctional El Dorado Correctional Faclty
12/4/2014 EVT0003459 Agricultural Grain Drill KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/4/2014 EVT0003438 Body Armor Kansas Highway Patrol
12/4/2014 EVT0003455 PVC Piping Materials, El Dorado Correctional Fac. El Dorado Correctional Faclty
12/5/2014 EVT0003456 Repair Parts for Backflow Valves, El Dorado CF El Dorado Correctional Faclty
12/8/2014 EVT0003448 Mobile Phone Extraction Device Kansas Bureau of Investigation
12/9/2014 EVT0003444 MVE-1 Forms Kansas Highway Patrol
12/10/2014 EVT0003454 Fish Cleaning Station, Cedar Bluff State Park KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/10/2014 EVT0003463 Ballistic/Stab Resistant Vests El Dorado Correctional Faclty
12/11/2014 EVT0003458 Agricultural Tractors KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
12/12/2014 EVT0003430 Explosives Kansas Highway Patrol
12/15/2014 EVT0003436 Services, Access Control System Kansas Highway Patrol
12/15/2014 EVT0003439 Services, Surveillance Systems (CCTV) Kansas Highway Patrol
12/16/2014 EVT0003460 Microspectrophotometer  
12/19/2014 EVT0003365 Medicaid - CHIP Eligibility and Admin Services Dept of Health & Environment
12/19/2014 EVT0003452 Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing Devices Dept of Health & Environment
12/19/2014 EVT0003437 Actuarial and Consulting Services for SEHP Dept of Health & Environment
12/23/2014 EVT0003462 Erosion Control Products Department of Transportation
12/30/2014 EVT0003450 Reservoir Engineer Corporation Commission
1/2/2015 EVT0003434 Vision Plan for State of Kansas Employees Dept of Health & Environment
1/8/2015 EVT0003449 Surface Mining -Lead and Zinc Vertical Opening Dept of Health & Environment
1/8/2015 EVT0003433 Dental Plan for State of Kansas Employees Dept of Health & Environment
1/9/2015 EVT0003440 Services, Network Connectivity Department of Administration
1/21/2015 EVT0003406 Services, Medicaid Management Information System Dept of Health & Environment