Bid Solicitations


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It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded all of the documents related to the bid and any Amendment(s) if applicable.

Please keep in mind that all bids must be received prior to the closing date and time indicated in the Bid Event.  Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late bid submissions.

  • If a vendor is interested in bidding on an event, you must be officially invited.  Notify the event’s contact person at least 24 HOURS BEFORE the official finish date and time to request the official invitation.
  • A vendor must be a registered bidder to become invited.  If a vendor fails to register in a timely fashion your bid may be rejected in its entirety.

Please click here to begin the registration process.  This is a one-time, free process.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide current contact information to the Office of Procurement and Contracts to ensure your company receives bid event notifications.

Additional files related to bid solicitations (not applicable unless referenced in bid event)

Closing DateBid NumberDescriptionAgency
4/24/2018 EVT0005813 Large Format Printer/Scanner/Copier Department of Transportation
4/24/2018 EVT0005797 Printer  
4/25/2018 EVT0005770 Paint Stripers, Truck Mounted Department of Transportation
4/25/2018 EVT0005769 Loader Backhoes Department of Transportation
4/25/2018 EVT0005739 HVAC Project - Hutchinson Correctional Facility Hutchinson Correctional Faclty
4/25/2018 EVT0005771 Motor Grader Department of Transportation
4/25/2018 EVT0005768 Wheel Loaders Department of Transportation
4/26/2018 EVT0005782 Aerator Replacement - Paxico Rest Area Lagoon  
4/26/2018 EVT0005721 Vision Plan for State Employees Dept of Health & Environment
4/26/2018 EVT0005775 ASL Interpreting Services School for the Deaf
4/27/2018 EVT0005790 Excavating Srvs, MP Valley KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
4/27/2018 EVT0005808 Asphalt Pavement Repairs, Hutchinson State Fair Board
4/27/2018 EVT0005749 Consultant Citizens Utility Ratepayer Bd
4/27/2018 EVT0005789 Chain Link Fence - El Dorado Reservoir KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
4/27/2018 EVT0005809 Fish Food - Atchison and Osage County Group KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
4/30/2018 EVT0005778 Boat Motor, Surface Drive KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
4/30/2018 EVT0005758 40mm MGL-LTL Multi-Shot Launchers Kansas Highway Patrol
4/30/2018 EVT0005776 Refuse Services - Perry State Park  
5/1/2018 EVT0005793 Monochrome thermal line receipt printer KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/1/2018 EVT0005764 Healthcare Coalition Coordinator Dept of Health & Environment
5/1/2018 EVT0005550 Insurance, Statewide Vehicle Liability  
5/2/2018 EVT0005802 Bituminous Plant Mixture, District 2 Department of Transportation
5/2/2018 EVT0005784 Refuse Services - Fall River State Park KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/3/2018 EVT0005786 Barber Services Ks Juvenile Correctional Cmplx
5/3/2018 EVT0005772 Dental Benefits Administration Dept of Health & Environment
5/3/2018 EVT0005781 X-Ray Equipment Parson St Hosp and Trng Cnt
5/4/2018 EVT0005806 Aerial Spraying & Seeding KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/4/2018 EVT0005795 Pickup Truck with Topper and Bed Accessories Kansas Highway Patrol
5/4/2018 EVT0005805 Concrete Structure for KDOT in LaCrosse, Kansas  
5/4/2018 EVT0005814 Cargo Van Dept of Health & Environment
5/4/2018 EVT0005792 Refuse Services - Cheney Wildlife Area KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/7/2018 EVT0005796 Printing, Universal Forms Dept of Health & Environment
5/7/2018 EVT0005745 Vehicle Rental Service  
5/8/2018 EVT0005780 Updating the Current Wetland Program Plan Kansas Water Office
5/8/2018 EVT0005791 Forensic Toxicology Testing Services Kansas Bureau of Investigation
5/9/2018 EVT0005800 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp Surveys Kansas Historical Society
5/9/2018 EVT0005812 Variable Message Boards Department of Transportation
5/9/2018 EVT0005810 Cold Recycled Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mix Department of Transportation
5/9/2018 EVT0005819 Walk-In Freezer KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/9/2018 EVT0005815 Aggregate, AS-1 Shoulder Rock, Sheridan County Department of Transportation
5/9/2018 EVT0005807 Street Sweeper, Mechanical Department of Transportation
5/10/2018 EVT0005818 Demolition On-Call Contract - Kansas Soldiers HomeCom On Veterans Affairs Office
5/11/2018 EVT0005804 UTV Fire Suppression Unit  
5/14/2018 EVT0005811 Fulfillment Services, Magazine KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/14/2018 EVT0005794 Minimum Data Set for Medicaid/Medicare (MDS) Ks Dept for Aging & Disab Svs
5/16/2018 EVT0005779 Dump Trucks and/or Anti-Ice Tanks Department of Transportation
5/16/2018 EVT0005816 Experiential Trips, Gift Cards & Other MerchandiseKansas Lottery
5/17/2018 EVT0005817 Ticket Display Dispensers and Associated Products Kansas Lottery
5/17/2018 EVT0005799 Male Youth Residential Facility Department of Corrections
5/31/2018 EVT0005820 Mentoring Coordinator Department of Corrections
6/1/2018 EVT0005803 Insurance, Workers' Compensation